December 30, 2010

2011 Reading Challenge hostet by Book Chick City

While I couldn't tell you exactly how many books I managed to read in 2010 - my estimate is around 50 or maybe 60 - I couldn't resist to join in the fun and aim for 100 in 2011.

This sounds like a lot more fun than trying to loose 100 pounds (which would reducce me to a skeleton anyway) or not eating chocolate for 100 days. But reading 100 books is both a lovely idea and a wonderful adventure. Thanks to Book Chick City for hosting this challenge!

Here's to reading!!


  1. Welcome to the challenge - I hope you reach 100! Enjoy :)

  2. I'm tempted... but pretty sure I wouldn't even come close.

  3. i'm in as well! thanks god we are not talking about chocolate, i couldn't agree more with you!

  4. After sleeping over it I realized that this translates to two books a week ... oh dear, what was I thinking!?
    Anyway, so many unread books aka "a whole lot of motivation" will keep me going!!