December 19, 2010

Books Aplenty

A lot of books will have gone through my hands by the end of each week. Occasionally only because I rearrange my book stacks, but mainly because I plan to do a lot of reading. Sundays will be about my adventures in reading and book hoarding throughout the week.
What did I read, what did I buy, and most of all, when will the time arrive that it's too dangerous to go near those towering stacks of unread books. Just risking a glance to my right … do I really dare to admit just how many unread books I own? Well, maybe not now, but soon enough!

And if you thought this would be all The Book Garden will have to offer from now on, you're wrong!
Due to the holidays next week I will use that time to bring a Best-of-2010 and let you in on which blog posts got the most attention. This will be followed by a special announcement on Monday, December 27th. So, stay tuned!


  1. You sound so much like my mom...I wonder how many unread books she has to...very curious of the special announcement....

  2. Well, you'll find out next week, what I'm up to! I dare say it's something everyone will be very excited about!!