December 27, 2010

A Writer's Life - To write or not to write

Writing. This is what it's all about. Well, mostly. But seriously, being a writer will obviously be about writing. Even more so. You must write. I know, it sounds so obvious, so simple, that it seems silly to even say it. But there are surly enough people out there who want to be a writer and than do anything but.

I've been writing for years now. Not every day, but some days I would sit down and write from morning til night. There were dry spells as well as monsoons. Some days I would do nothing more than pick up a pen to jot down some notes on a piece of paper. Other days I'd be typing like a maniac that knows if this idea doesn't get transferred to paper her head will explode.

You might have noticed that "1000 Words a Day Challenge" button on the left. I guess most writer's have their dead-lines. In one case it might be that the magazine they write for has a very specific one, in other cases it's simply a self-imposed dead-line. Though maybe I shouldn't use the word “simply” here.

I decided some months ago to put more emphasis on writing. Daily writing, to be exact. That challenge seemed just like the Damocles version of a silent mantra, but in a good way, as odd as it may sound. There were days when I couldn't wait to sit down and type. Then there were those where I told myself to sit down and write. True, in the second case it took a while of just sitting there and looking at the screen, before the first key was hit by a finger willing to break the silence in my room. And yes, you'd be surprised what your muse is able to do if you pinch her in the … well, the point is, this challenge didn't turn out to be a horrible decision. On the contrary. It's fun. And most days I will write a lot more than just a mere 1000 words. Take this text for example. Over 340 words already. And yes, all writing counts. Well, maybe not all as in “everything”. Shopping-lists when heading to the supermarket? Nope. Just wanted to clarify that.

And what am I writing on right now? Apart from the obvious (this text, ha) I am working on several projects. My blogs are just two of them. Though when it comes to the novels I'm writing on, well I have got more than just one on the boil so to speak. One of them is my current venture. More about that next week. Read ya then!

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  1. I understand. Sometimes it's easier to sit and write than others. I too, am trying to write more. Even if it is just blogging.