January 26, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Fresh Fiction and Writerspace

How about some more interesting websites where you can grab free books?
Sites where all you have to do is enter a contest and that's it?
No reviews necessary?

Here are two that I came across which not only offer a large number of different giveaways each month, but they are (mostly) open for international readers too. And let's face it, it stinks when you see a neat giveaway to find out it's only open to US readers (unless you live there, then you wouldn't really care). So, here's to readers everywhere!

Fresh Fiction offers quite a bit on their contest page - suspense, romance, mystery, and also genres like urban fiction and paranormal fiction among others.

Writerspace is a bit different as you cannot enter giveaways on the page itself, but instead you'll get the links to the respective websites of authors on their contest page. And you wouldn't believe how many authors host monthly contests on their websites, so finding them all under one roof is definitely a good thing. Genres are very similar to the ones mentioned above.

And another nice touch is that it's not all about winning books alone. Often you'll even get the chance to win stuff like a Kindle, autographed books, ARCs of upcoming releases, chocolates, gift certificates and much more!

Personally I have been entering contests on both sites for three months now and so far I got lucky once. I won eBooks from Fresh Fiction through entering a one-day-only giveaway. So yes, you should pop in more than just once a month, because you might never know.

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