January 5, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - MagCover

You needn't be writer to like the idea of your own magazine, or rather magazine cover, right? Right.

I found the website MagCover some time ago and I think it's a neat idea. You can choose from more than 110 covers, with topics such as Aviation or Parenting or Cheerleading or ... well, a whole lot more. The covers can be personalized in every possible way and most importantly, you can pick some of your favorite photos and give them that extra touch of exclusiveness.
If only to send the result to some friends or post it on Facebook.
Those who want to really impress people, there is also the option of actually buying magazine wraps and even framed prints to show off. But as the basic service is free, you can indulge in a bit of playing around with those magazine covers just for fun.

Here are some of my photos featured on some obvious (I love taking photos on vacation) and not so obvious (me, cooking, yeah right) examples ...

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