January 2, 2011

Books Aplenty - 236 and counting

I risked a glance at my LibraryThing catalog, or to be more specific, at the list of all my unread books and nearly fainted when I realized just how many TBR books I have lying around.
The total amounts to a whopping 236 unread books. Two. Hundred. And. Thirty. Six.
How did that happen!? Alright, it obviously happened somewhere along the way, so maybe I should really concentrate on reducing this number.
The 2011 Reading Challenge will sure help with this. At least this is what I'm hoping.

So, I fared quite well this week. I think. But what are two books in the grand scheme of things. Or rather, in light (or should that be shadow) of those towering book-stacks. Anyway.

I read Storyteller Songs (G.R. Grove) which was a nice, short read, basically an introduction to other works of the author, such as Storyteller and Pryderi's Pigs and other poems which I already had the pleasure to read. If you like the idea of medieval poetry in modern English form I can wholeheartedly recommend to go straight for the poetry book, and if you've got a thing for anything medieval anyway and want to follow a bard on his journey, read the Storyteller trilogy. If you're unsure whether one or the other might be for you, pick the one I read this week, because Storyteller Songs is a great teaser.

Today I finished Sorting Out Billy (Jo Brand) which was generally a fast-paced and witty read, but occasionally a bit overdone in the humor department and padded with (inevitably as the author is a stand-up comedian herself) stand up routines that I didn't find as funny as they were obviously intended to be. The author could have made a lot more out of the storyline that centers around three friends and their problems, Billy being just one of them. It's mostly her sharp and descriptive writing style that saves this debut novel.

While I managed to scratch two books from my TBR list, I actually added three to it this week.
I received several eBook ARCs (“advance reading copy” for those who aren't familiar with the term) from NetGalleyThe Frugalista Files (Natalie McNeal), The Tao of Travel (Paul Theroux) and Views from the Loft (Ed. Daniel Slager).
Especially considering the plan to be frugal in 2011 I will surly delve into The Frugalista Files pretty much straight away. So, gotta go and read a book!

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