January 23, 2011

Books Aplenty - Adding up

I really don't mean to complain, but the more I'm reading the more new books are rolling in. My fault completely, seeing how I enter every giveaway on the planet, but … oh well … the thing is, I seriously thought I'd be able to reduce the amount of TBR books, but somehow, or at least up until now, to no avail. Alright, enough wallowing in self pity. Let's see what I read this week.

Starting off with Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle (Beverly Bartlett) I found myself in a unique fairytale-like story, filled with intrigue and scandal, told by a wannabe royal biographer. Apart from the narrative style that needed some getting used to, it was disturbingly fast-paced and thus confusing. Tell the story a bit more slowly and with only half the twists and turns and give the characters a little more depth and ... what am I saying? I doubt this would have saved this book.

Then came Almost Perfect (Julie Ortolon) which turned out to be wonderful brain candy for me. Yes, we're talking chick lit here and yes, it comes along with all the necessary ingredients for the genre. But, as you'll surly know, stories can be told in a good or a bad way, and this one certainly stands out with well drawn characters and a fluent style that made me devour it in a day. Yummy! Almost better than chocolate.

Lastly I read Look The World In The Eye (Alice Peterson) which had a great premise that got killed off by the awfully dry and amateurish writing of the author. Seriously, the plot about Katie overcoming her past and getting closer to her disabled sister was a good one, but the characters didn't draw me in or convince me, and that's not just because of the horrible style the book was written in. Written from first-person perspective, the first quarter of the book started every other sentence with “I” - I'm not joking. The real shame though is the simple fact that this could have really been a great book.

Then comes the loot.

I received The Quotable Chesterton (Kevin Belmonte) from BookSneeze. And while I was even a little glad that nothing else arrived, I got the notification on winning three eBooks by Shirin Dubbin from the Fresh Fiction website. Oh dear me. At least they only add to my virtual bookshelf. So, here goes – Keeper Of The Way, Dusk Takes Dawn and Dreams' Dark Kiss.

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