January 9, 2011

Books Aplenty - From Working Girls to William Blake

I've been a very good girl this week. Read several books. Admittedly though I went for the, uhm, thinner volumes, so that I could get a head start with the 2011 Reading Challenge. But a book is a book and I devoured quite a bit in the past seven days.

I read Confessions Of A Working Girl (Miss S) which wasn't as easy to digest as the other books I read, but seeing as it is about working in a brothel, it shouldn't be a light read anyway. While I honestly don't know whether the book is “real” in the sense of non-fiction, it sure reads that way and it gives you quite an insight into what's going on in the business and let's you catch a glimpse into the depths of the human abyss. It was both touching and shocking and certainly not your average read.

And yes, I did indulge in The Frugalista Files (Natalie McNeal) as I already pointed out I would last Sunday. I will not lie to you – while it has been an enjoyable, even delightful read, it wasn't so much about the frugal lifestyle as it was about the author's brainchild “The Frugalista Blog” which developed from a one-month-project into her very own website in the course of a year. You could say that this book is more about Natalie finding her place career wise than about reducing her debt. Obviously there will be talk about just that and the odd tip on how to safe money too. Overall a good read, but not quite what I expected.

Fortunately I haven't been crazy enough to make a resolution on getting in shape, because the book Let's Get Physical (Sherry Ashworth) might have been a wee bit demotivating. Then again if gallstones were threatening me, maybe I would vow to loose 2 stone as well. And yes, I had to look it up. Or do you know how much a stone weighs in pounds or kilos? It's 14 pounds or roughly over 6 kilos, just to ease your curious minds. But back to the book which is mainly about people working for and those working out at the Fit Not Fat healthclub. Good premise on connecting the lives of several characters, but for one reason or another I simply couldn't get into the story or the people involved. That's your average chick lit goes fitness for you.

And last, but so definitely not least, I decided to throw myself into some more serious literature with delving right into My Business is to Create (Eric G. Wilson) which I only received this week. Obviously I couldn't resist to start reading this one pretty much right away and for a good reason. Curiosity.
While I only knew William Blake through his poetry – and I absolutely love “Auguries of Innocence” – and that brief glimpse into his work as a painter through watching “Red Dragon” where "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun" made its dramatic and edible appearance (yes, edible, go watch the movie and you'll see what I mean), I knew little to nothing about Blake himself. And this book just blew me away. Imagination and creation. Writer's of the world – READ THIS BOOK!!!

You should think that with my new frugal lifestyle no books would have been added to the piles I already have. Wrong.

Not only did I receive two more eBook ARCs from NetGalley Bottled and Sold (Peter H. Gleick) and My Business is to Create (Eric G. Wilson) – my friend Sarah also surprised me with a few books, namely The Chemistry of Death (Simon Beckett), The Rose Labyrinth (Titania Hardie) and last but not least Pope Joan (Donna W. Cross). These are the German editions of the books, but I figured with this blog being in the English language I'd write the English titles down.

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