January 16, 2011

Books Aplenty - Minus two, plus five

This week I read two books, which is a bit of a disappointment seeing how many I managed to read last week. Then again, if life were only about reading and not all kinds of other tasks, I'd manage to read one a day. Anyway.

I indulged in Love Walked In (Marisa de los Santos) which was such a wonderful and delightful read and most importantly – don't let the title fool you – it's really not typical chick lit. Alternating between two narrators, Cornelia and young Clare, it is so beautifully written, almost poetic, and yes, it is about love, all kinds of love in fact. Certainly not the kind of book that qualifies for being a quick read, this one needs to be savored sentence by sentence to be truly appreciated.

What followed was The Defrosting Of Charlotte Small (Anabelle Giles) which certainly is a quick read that you can effortlessly read through in a day or two. Mental breakdown, anyone? Some people need to have one to change, or thaw, for that matter. A fun, yet smart read, with lots of quirky characters. Perfect for a lazy weekend.

Two off the list. Adding five more. Oh well.

Not only did I receive yet another eBook ARC from NetGalley, namely Ravenous (Dayna Macy), I also received a few more through the LibraryThing Member Giveaway programs - Coyote Ugly (Pati Nagle) and PeaceMaker (Dan Ronco).
Plus, my very first giveaway win from Goodreads rolled in this week as well, Notwendige Streitgenossen (Georg Miggel), which luckily is not an eBook.

Note to self – stop requesting any more ARCs from NetGalley and read those that still wait for reviews first.

Even more important note to self – try to keep your hands off of more eBooks, unless you want to go blind reading them on the computer.

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