January 22, 2011

Pajama Musings - Amazingly happy

I thought it would be harder. Really. But oddly enough I don't show any signs of stress or nervous ticks related to going cold turkey shoppingwise. I am amazingly happy living the frugal life. Then of course it's only the third week coming to its end, so who knows when the first nasty withdrawal symptoms sneak in through the back door. Might be tomorrow. Might be in April. You'll never know. The bottom line is that it proves two things. First, that I basically have all the things I need. And secondly, that I am obviously really good in suppressing my shopping urges. Or maybe I just underestimate my willpower.

So very proud of self.


And there is always a but …

… I have secretly been adding some books into my amazon shopping cart. Alright, maybe not that secretly. Or at least now it's not a secret anymore.

This will probably not really be surprising and sound like I like torturing myself a little, but let's not forget that I will be allowed to buy things from the money I make selling things (you know, the stuff I once wanted, but not really needed). And January has been good so far, with a total of € 69,70 which certainly buy you an awful lot of books come to think of it. But the important part of my decision regarding what books to throw into the cart is this – I've chosen wisely. Only the absolute essential ones. The newest books by my favorite authors. Paperback editions. Of course.



What the Night Knows (Dean Koontz)
Mini Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella)
Ice Cold (Tess Gerritsen)

That's not all too bad now is it? Plus, they won't be out before April or later, which means I will have to be both patient and keep on saving a little more. Because I'll be needing more than just some petty cash when my friend Sarah and I hit the “big one” aka a huge flea market held here in town in September/October. We won't only be needing money for all the books. We'll be needing it also for renting a juggernaut to transport our loot back home.


  1. I can't do it!!! I have withdrawls just thinking about not being able to buy something...BUT, I must say in my favor... I always look for sale items or after holiday savings...OK,OK, so I'm trying to make up excuses!!! I'll never be frugal! ugh!!!! LOL!

  2. I am strong.
    I can do it.
    So could you.
    Maybe :-D !!