January 1, 2011

Pajama Musings - The frugal life

It wasn't my idea, I swear. But somehow I managed to agree somewhere along the way and now... well, now I'm practically doomed. Failure is such an ugly word. It's what I don't hope for, but I can see it lingering in the distance anyway.

What I'm going on about is this – my friend Sarah had the glorious idea to be frugal in 2011. After all she has a closet overflowing with everything you could possibly need in garments, accessories and the likes. Let's just say that my own closet doesn't look any better. Basically we both have everything we need. Some things we have in shockingly large quantities and yet we often couldn't resist to buy yet another variation of this'n'that just because it was too tempting.

So, here's the plan. We won't buy any new clothes, bags, shoes, jewelery and other accessories this year. We have enough. Honestly. In fact we could probably outfit half a dozen gals with all the garments in our possession. So far, so good.
This isn't were our plan stops. And still my memory is a bit blurred on how her plan became our plan, but anyway. Other things get scratched from the list as well. Obviously not food and toilet paper, and when the last umbrella in the house breaks a new one will be ok too, BUT things like CDs, DVDs … and let me take a deep breath now ... books.
Yes. Books. You read that correctly. No books.

I know what you're about to say now. How could someone who loves books, someone who devotes a blog to her passion about books, someone like yours truly, agree on such a ludicrous term?
Well, you wouldn't ask if you saw the towering book stacks that surround me and which are literally begging me to be read. Sometimes I can hear them calling me. Seriously. Then again, maybe it's just the wind blowing through the small spaces of those neatly stacked tomes.
You see, when I shop, I do it with all my heart. So, let's just say I managed to buy more books last year than any person of my age, or any age, could read in a lifetime. Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe not.

But. And there is always a but. As much as we agreed not to shop, and instead to use and appreciate the things we already own, there is a wee little clause that puts back a tiny smile on our faces and which is probably the only reason we really dare to face this challenge.
Both Sarah and myself are selling stuff we no longer need, wear, use, etc. and the money we make from these sales may than be saved for a reward like, in my case, the new Duffy CD or the latest Koontz novel. I'm not talking hundreds of Dollars here (or rather Euros). One month may bring €29,- and the next €157,-.
The important part about this is to take a very close look at the things we sell and see them for what they are. Things we never really needed. Things we bought just because they looked pretty, just not on us. Things that were 70% off and seemed like a good idea just because of the incredible savings. You get the idea.

I will also be reselling old books. Granted, those were certainly needed. And appreciated. But if I don't want to end up building an inserted ceiling and consequently develop a hunch, because I can't walk upright anymore, they will have to find new homes, new readers too.

Here's to living the frugal life in 2011!


  1. I hope you will posts updates on your efforts at being frugal. I'm curious if you can pull it off! (I know I couldn't!)

  2. I'm curious too. Maybe I am able to distract myself from all shopping temptations by spending even more time on writing and reading ... what am I saying!? If I were allowed to shop I should seriously get myself a shirt with the line "I'm doomed" printed on it, hahahaaa!!