January 8, 2011

Pajama Musings - You want to read me, I know you do

With these words and lines I shall bind you not only to this blog post in particular, but to my blog itself. Follow me, follow me, follow me.

Pardon me. Just a brief Alice goes to Blogland interference.

But to be quite honest, with some blogs out there you really do feel the sudden need of drinking “stuff” to better absorb, or rather, digest them. And then, of course, there are the good ones. The ones you love to follow and read. Maybe not every single post, but a lot. Including even the really long ones.

I'm not here to offend anyone, so hopefully no offense will be taken. But if you've ever wondered why your followers suddenly disappear by the dozen, think about one of the following possibilities:

Too infrequent.
Too unfocused.
Too long.
Boring (again).

I already know one of my wonderful readers has just broken out in a smile, because of a brief … well, not quite a discussion, more of a short one-lined dialogue, about the length of blog posts.

Even though I'm generally the kind of writer who likes to elaborate herself – easily making short story ideas grow into 1000 pages manifestos – I never quite had the urge to do the same on my blogs. Maybe I found my stride without even knowing it, I cannot tell. Yet the bottom line is I kept (and will continue doing so) my individual posts at a certain word count level without even knowing about the unwritten rules of writing a blog.
So when I heard that you shouldn't write more than 500 words that was fine by me. Then I heard it's best to be somewhere between 300 and 500 words. Great.
And, come to think of it, it does make sense. Reading on the computer screen isn't quite the same as reading a magazine or book, and with particularly long blog posts I often don't feel the pull that makes me want to read them. Unless of course the topic, the title and the first paragraph get me hooked right away.
Often it helps to “break up” a post by using pictures, too. So yes, pretty colorful photos strewn in are always nice. I admit it freely.
Though in the end, it's mostly those blogs that provide me with just the right mixture of being interesting and a compact format, that will lure me in again and again.
Unless I really, really like what you write and the way you write it. Then I will indulge in the long ones too. Yes, I mean you, Amy!

Alright now. Curiosity got the better of me after all. I did a word count on this post. And the result is 466 words.

What can I say? Natural born blogger.


  1. OMG! Am I really boring????...I knew it, unfocused, infrequent...too long...too short...LOL!!!! I'm just kidding! mine is boring lately though...

  2. Haha! Well, I'm glad that even though I'm chatty, my readers are still reading! :) And yes- I not only broke into a smile, but chuckled.