January 11, 2011

Quote Garden - Shirt and Comb

He came home downcast that day
the bearer of bad news
she smiled at him as he came in
as he stood there in his muddy shoes
he loved her so his poor heart cracked
in telling what was told, ah
her smile froze, her mouth went slack
and his grief oppressed him double-fold
he said “I’m not the master of my fate
as I would wish to be
but I’m leaving now and I can’t be late
they ship out tonight and they’re taking me
“Our mission’s still a mystery
I’m just one of many men
who must leave their homes and their families
and might not pass this way again.”
she said “I’ll come with you my love
I’m not afraid nor weak, now I will
bind my breasts and crop my hair
and I’ll speak low just like a boy would speak.”
“But you cannot come with me, my love
for they do not take volunteers
oh but there’s one thing to you I’ll swear
though I may be gone for many years
“no shirt shall ever touch my skin
nor comb go through my hair
and I’ll think on the bed you’re in
and I’ll wish that I were lying with you there.”

Sung by Eddi Reader © Peter Blegvad (Virgin Music)

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