January 17, 2011

A Writer's Life - At the speed of my fingers

As much as I'm writing, or rather, as much as I'm typing, it may come as quite a surprise that I never really learned how to type. At least not the method that involves ten fingers. You could say I use the Columbus method, but that would neither be fair nor correct. While I started out with a unique 2-and-a-half fingers technique I have certainly evolved my early find-a-letter-and-land-on-it skills over the years.

Most people are surprised at how fast I am able to type. And that includes typing without any major mistakes. Granted, I'll never be as fast as someone who really learned this kind of thing, you know, the ones who type away, humming a happy tune, and not even watching what their fingers are doing, but I'm not all that bad. Occasionally I will type without looking at my hands too and oddly enough my fingers seem to find their way around.

When it comes to creative writing my typing speed, fast but not too fast, actually comes in quite handy. It matches my speed of thought you could say. And yes, now that I think about it, I must admit that maybe that's what slows my typing down a little bit after all. I could probably break records by simply typing just anything and not something, well, bookish. Just a theory of course. And not a very good one, at that. But a lovely thought nonetheless.

So, for the fun of it I though why not risk it and do some of those typing-speed tests online?

I kicked it off with the one in English …

52 words

Typing Speed Test

… then in German.

62 W├Ârter


Not sure though whether I'm simply faster, because German is my mother tongue or because the English test was only a bit of a warming up for my fingers.


  1. ah... don't you hate those people who can look at you and carry on a conversation and still type a perfect paragraph? :) Don't hate me too much- I love freaking people out by doing this! Although- when I took typing in high school, you had to get 40 wpm to pass, and I struggled all year to get to 40 wpm. Last time I took a typing test a couple of years ago, I was up to 75 wpm. And in German, it would be 0. :)

  2. I don't hate you for this wonderful talent, I just find it slightly irritating, hahahaaa!

  3. Hi, just found your blog via the GOodread "European book bloggers" group.

    Nice topic! I'm going to try it too. I learned typing via an online application, I'm not "fluent", but I can type blind without making too many mistakes. It's like playing the keyboard! :-)