February 27, 2011

Books Aplenty - From chick-lit to bloke-lit

While last week has been a bit of let-down when it comes to the quality of the books I grabbed, this week surly made up for all the disappointment.

In One Good Turn (Kate Atkinson) many seemingly unrelated characters are suddenly involved in events following a case of road rage. During the four days in which the novel takes place, these characters and their own little plot lines start to overlap and eventually come together. Certainly a different kind of murder mystery compared to those I usually read, but I loved how intricately the threads that make up this story are woven together. So much love to detail and the twist at the end was so wonderfully unexpected. Loved it!

You may have already noticed that I really like reading chick-lit, and this time round I went for the male version of it. I'm pretty sure it isn't called bloke-lit, but as far as the content and fun goes it really is chick-lit from a male perspective.
But I don't want to keep you in the dark any longer. I refer to Mr Commitment and Dinner For Two (Mike Gayle) which were both fantastic reads – insightful (from the female perspective) and more than just a little laughter inducing. While I heard that Mike Gayle's first novel My Legendary Girlfriend is also his best book, and apart from knowing that I actually own a copy of it but somehow couldn't find it in my book stacks, I gave up the search and simply went for those two first.
My personal favorite must be Mr Commitment. Oh the wonders and workings of the male psyche. A marvelous read. Though I have to say that Dinner For Two wasn't bad either, though it was more your average kind of read in my opinion. Needless to say that I will need to find the missing book somewhere in my vast inventory.

This week I added quite a number of books to my TBR stacks.

Let's see … first of all there was yet another free download from Carina Press The Sevenfold Spell (Tia Nevitt).

And then I requested and received a number of NetGalley books too. Two YA novels – Invasion (Jon S. Lewis) and Outside In (Maria V. Snyder), plus several non-fiction books – God Soul Mind Brain (Michael S. A. Graziano), Paradise Lust (Brook Wilensky-Lanford), Sister Species (Lisa A. Kemmerer) and The Girl's Guide To Homelessness (Brianna Carp).

I guess I have been overdoing it a little with NetGalley, but oh well. So many interesting books … how can I resist?

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  1. Must be an enjoyable read My Legendary Girlfriend: Minx Ed by Mike Gayle. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.