February 13, 2011

Books Aplenty - Shopping

Six weeks and counting. Yes, still as frugal as ever. And strong enough to read books about … shopping.

I found Cheap (Ellen Ruppel Shell) very insightful and thought-provoking. Living in a time where "cheaper is better" and given the current economic situation, it's bold to stand up and point out that low prices come at a high cost – to people, to the environment, and to society. Sure, we all like a bargain, but often, and when you look close enough, you'll find out that so-called bargains are anything but. Not as though I wasn't aware of some of the psychological tricks in pricing and marketing discounts, but I've sure fallen victim to those irresistible markdowns myself time and again. And yes, far too often investing in “cheap” ends up quite expensive for the consumer.

Circling the topic from two sides – the Seller's and the Buyer's – Shoptimism (Lee Eisenberg) is chock full with well researched information as well as written in a wonderfully engaging and fun style. The description of how Eisenberg accompanied and observed how his wife hunts for a new little black dress is both hilarious and a great introduction to the book. And while he didn't quite find the “Unified Theory of Buying” he's been searching for, he sure provides the reader with a lot to think about when it comes to our own buying habits.

But life's not about shopping alone. And while I didn't buy a new book (I would not dare, ha) I have a new one to add to my virtual book stack. The Color Of Heaven (Julianne MacLean) was a free download from Fresh Fiction, so yes, it pays not to delete those newsletters without risking a glance on what they've got to offer, yay!

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