February 6, 2011

Books Aplenty - To eat and drink

This has been a week of concentrating on consumption.
Not shopping, mind you.
Food and drinks.

I started off with a thirst for Bottled And Sold (Peter H. Gleick) which gave me a fascinating insight into the whole industry of bottled water production and its implications on frighteningly many aspects of our lives. Apart from the obvious, the impact on the environment, it definitely makes you think twice whether you shouldn't just stick to good old tap water. Granted, in some places where water tastes like liquid chlorine I will stick to bottled water, but other than that … drink fountain anyone?

Then I followed up with a hunger for Ravenous (Dayna Macy) and, wait a second, have you just noticed that both book titles include the word obsession? Anyway. Admittedly this book wasn't quite what I expected it to be, starting off with a praise to different foods. The author then embarks on a journey to uncover the origins of her food obsessions. An honest read, an easy read, even recipes get thrown in with each chapter. “Know Thy Food” would probably be a more appropriate title.

And would you believe it?
I almost don't, so I checked again.
But no. No new books this week.


  1. We have well water here and it tastes weird to me after drinking clorinated for half my life...I have purified water that comes out of my fridge now and don't use bottled at all...I saw a show on bottled water and they said it's pretty much the same as tap...and it may not even come from where the companies tell you it does...that's scary!

  2. This book was a real eye-opener for me too! Personally I don't drink bottled water often, mostly when I'm on vacation. Tap water is so good here in Austria there's really no need to go for bottled water.