February 18, 2011

The Others - Bradley Trevor Greive

Ever feeling down and troubled and you need some … alright, let's not get distracted by song-tunes here. So back to the question – ever feeling blue? Than I've got the right thing for you. Not a song though, but a book.

I honestly can't remember how I even got to know Bradley Trevor Greive in the first place. Probably browsing in a bookshop looking for a present. I can't quite remember whether I found that present, but I sure found one of the loveliest ideas for gift books ever. So, in a way I did end up buying a gift, even though it was meant for myself.

The first in a line of similar books The Blue Day Book is probably still the best sold and most popular one of all of Greive's many books. It features a collection of amusing animal photos and inspirational text designed to "lift the spirits of anyone who has got the blues". What followed were more of these lovely and encouraging and most of all fun gift books. And yes, I've got them all. Well, alright maybe not all as there are books specifically aimed at mothers and fathers too, and while I theoretically could qualify for the first I'm certainly nowhere near the second. Anyway.

Here are some of my favorites:
The Book For People Who Do Too Much - Hard work has killed a whole bunch of people. It has also caused premature aging, baldness and explosive indigestion.
A Teaspoon Of Courage – Life comes with its ups and downs and the only way to face them is with courage. Not bluff, not bravado, not overstarched underwear, but true courage.
Friends To The End - They can be exasperating, sometimes embarrassing and more often than not late. But where would you be without those funny, loyal people we call friends?

And yes, these not only make great gifts for others, but also for yourself. I really love to reread Greive's books every now and again. To cheer up, to smile, and most of all to laugh.

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