February 4, 2011

The Others - Sophie Kinsella

I guess it's safe to say that pretty much everyone will have heard about the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. At least when you're female and love to shop you'll certainly do and will probably have the whole series stacked on a shelf anyway. Like I do. No surprise there. And obviously when you love shopping and books, there couldn't be a better combination than sticking your nose into the Shopaholic books. Better to read than to spend money, eh?

While I indeed started off with one of the Shopaholic books after a friend recommended it to me as being truly hilarious, I did not only devour the whole series, I also read the stand alone novels by the author, which show the same wit and bubbly writing like the series.

Still, Becky Bloomwood is my favorite from all of her characters in the books. Probably because I see a bit, alright a lot, of myself in her. And while I haven't bought a green scarf (yet) I am the proud owner of the DVD to the book.
So yes, I love the Shopaholic movie too. Usually I'm skeptical about the quality of movies based on books, but this one is lovely and fun to watch whether you read the books or not.

What many people do not know is that Sophie Kinsella is actually a pen name, and that she published several novels as Madeline Wickham which is, you may have already guessed, her real name. And yes, there is a reason why she chose different names for her work – if you've read novels by Kinsella and Wickham you surly noticed that it's a completely different writing style. But trust me on this, the quality is the same only the taste of the reader may differ.
Personally I do prefer Kinsella, but Wickham isn't that far behind.


  1. I have only barely heard about this book (didn't realize it was a whole series), and haven't read them. Yet I like to shop- how have I missed them?

  2. No idea how you managed to miss them!? In fact I'm shocked that this is even the case!