February 5, 2011

Pajama Musings - Rated PG

Granted, my blog isn't aimed at a young audience. Young as in children. Still I would have said kids could read it without any warning labels. So imagine my surprise when I checked out this website where you can find out your blog's rating. Ratings like those in movies – G, PG, PG 13 and R.

Alright, I didn't quite make it to the R rating, even though I do wonder what kind of words I should sneak into my posts to achieve that … hmmm …

Anyway, here's my result …

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Surprised? So am I.
And only because I dared to use the word “sex” twice and “hell” once.

And because I am of the curious kind, I also checked for my other blog The Travel Garden and, lo and behold, I got a G rating. No bad words. Yay. Then again, as long as long-distance-flight isn't considered a bad word and remains simply a bad experience, this rating sure makes sense.

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Oh and before I forget!
You can even check your Facebook profile, which is of course what I did too.
And once again, rated G.
Damn' it … who would have guessed I am such a good girl?
Than again, I guess that one propelled me into the PG 13 area.


  1. my three blogs, plus my facebook profile are all rated G. *eye roll*

  2. Well, better polish your vocabulary, so you'll find yourself a nice place among the likes of me, hahahaaa!!

  3. LOL! l never knew these sites existed where you could find this out, thanks!