February 14, 2011

A Writer's Life - Immersed

Sometimes I'm so deeply immersed in what I'm writing, I simply forget the world around me. And quite often this translates into forgetting … well … other things that would have needed a wee bit more attention.

Like …

… the tea that's been brewing for about an hour and which would probably make my tongue fall off if I dared to actually drink it after that time.

… the laundry that's waiting to be freed from the washing machine, apart from some clever socks which plan and execute their escape quite perfectly every time.

… the friend I've just been chatting with online before getting distracted by an idea I quickly wanted to jot down, which consequently leads to getting disturbed by a phone call by said friend who just wanted to make sure I didn't drop dead behind the computer.

To name but a few.

And luckily, so far, there is no need to add this one to the above list.

... the readers of my blog who're all anxiously waiting for me to post something, and starting to speculate whether I have fallen victim to some book related accident, like getting buried underneath a collapsing book stack or being bored to death by some historical romance novel.

And now, gotta get my tea before it's too late ...


  1. Hi Birgit!!! I wanted to wish you a happy Valentines day! I hope you had a great day! hugs, Jennifer

  2. I shudder to think about the pile of laundry I'm returning home to. HAHA