March 2, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Argh Ink

One of the wonderful things about authors is that many have chosen to have their own website these days. Not all will be that interesting or even entertaining though, but then are those you definitely have to bookmark, because they are simply fantastic.
One such website is by author Jennifer Crusie who you might know through novels such as Fast Women or Faking It.

While you will find the obvious content on her site too (such as a list of all her books, duh) there really is a whole lot more to discover.

First of all though – Jenny's also got a blog. She might not blog on a daily basis, but often enough, and while I might not read every single post on other blogs I follow, I always read them all here. Just. Too. Much. Fun. Seriously. Just as sassy as her novels are. And even the name of the blog Argh Ink is genius. Or maybe you need to be a writer to think so, but I really love it.

Secondly there are a whole lot of things to be found in the More Stuff section of the website. Ranging from interesting - recipes mentioned in her books - straight to hilarious - list of Stupid Things Romance Heroines Do (you need to scroll all the way down on the page, it's the last featured list).

And for the aspiring writer there's a lot to be found in the For Writers section, filled with essays on topics like writing in the romance genre or publishing.

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