March 20, 2011

Books Aplenty - The *drumroll* week

Last week's reading ended with an YA novel, so I thought why not stay right there and continue with one this week. So my first pick to read was Outside In (Maria V. Snyder) which dips into two of my preferred genres – dystopia and science fiction. As I'm fairly new to YA books I am always hoping it will prove to be an enjoyable read for an adult (that would be me) too. And while Invasion was definitely more appropriate for a younger audience I was thrilled that Outside In is really suitable for “older” readers too. Unfortunately I started out with this book without reading the first installment Inside Out, which means that I really have to get my hands on that one too. And I'm praying there will be a sequel. Sigh. How obvious is it that I liked this book and it's premise, and let's not forget the great characters? Especially Sheepy. Hehe.

Now I know what Novel Nibbles are. Matchmakers 2.0 (Debora Geary) is a short piece of chick lit, highly entertaining with fun characters though much too short in my opinion. Lots of lovely brain candy potential there and it's disappointing (even though obviously done on purpose) that it's over before it's really begun.

A wonderful collection of short-stories, Coyote Ugly (Pati Nagle) was a book I've been overlooking for too long in my virtual TBR stacks and I finally ended up reading it in only two sittings. You'll have to be into fantasy and science fiction though to fully appreciate these stories. And liking the paranormal doesn't hurt either. At first I was surprised about the variety of genres and the different yet distinctive narratives, but it all fit together so perfectly that I was almost shocked how low the review ratings on LibraryThing are. Well, I'll change that with my own review very soon. Though, with my current backlog of reviews waiting to be written. Argh.

This week's loot is nowhere near what I managed to add last week. Thank you very much. And no, I'm not being sarcastic here. Alright, maybe a little bit.

I received two books through LibraryThing, namely Heirs Of Mars and The Burning Sky (Joseph Robert Lewis). In addition I won the eBook versions (why am I even pointing that out, after all 90% of books I receive are eBooks these days) of A Dead Man's Debt (Grace Elliot) on As the Pages Turn and Tomorrow's Guardian (Richard Denning) on The Slowest Bookworm. Then let's not forget a free download from a Fresh Fiction author, namely The Bride Price (Tracey Jane Jackson).

Plus *drumroll* I managed to snag Millie's Fling (Jill Mansell) through a promotion on Sourcebooks, woot! The best about that one is that I had it on my wishlist for quite some time now – ah, the joys of being patient and saving money!

And now *another drumroll please* I am proud to announce that I also received a book, yes, a real physical one, that I've recently won on Book Lovers Inc, a signed copy of Invitation To Ruin (Bronwen Evans) and while reviews of the novel aren't all that good I'm still thrilled simply because of the fact that this is the first signed book I ever received, yay!

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  1. I'm going to look up Outside In. I enjoyed Across the Universe, which was also a YA dystopian sci fi.