March 27, 2011

Books Aplenty - Give or take a dozen

Compared to the last few weeks I've been quite lazy this week. I only read one book, Northlight (Deborah Wheeler) and it's not even a fat and heavy tome. Though in the end it's about the quality, not the quantity, and this book provided exactly that. A wonderfully drawn world with superbly devised characters this science fiction novel was one of the best books I've read in the last weeks, if not months. Admittedly it's been a bit wordily in parts, and for some readers this might even translate into a tedious experience, but that's something that worked well with this novel and pulled me right into the story. If you like strange worlds, and horses, I can only recommend to read this one.

As to my book loot this week, I received A Modern Witch (Debora Geary) through LibraryThing, and I won the eBook Icarus Rising (David Pauly) on I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

In addition I received a Mystery Box which I ordered from Christianbook – what can I say, I just can't resist surprise boxes – and while I'm still as frugal as humanly possible I had to spoil myself a little bit with the money I made through my online sales. I splurged on a gorgeous Thomas Kinkade key chain and coin purse, and I threw in the Mystery Box for good measure.
Admittedly not all of the books will go on my TBR pile though. The ones that do are The Enclave (Karen Hancock), Third Time's A Charm (Virginia Smith), Flabbergasted (Ray Blackstone), Splitting Harriet (Tamara Leigh) and The Final Crumpet (Ron and Janet Benrey). Two of the books (there were ten in the box) will make a fantastic prize for one of my next giveaways as much as I'm tempted to actually keep those too. And the other three I might give away or sell, we'll see.

Side note – when I got the these-books-will-go-to-charity boxes ready for pick up this week I found five unread books in a corner which I haven't listed as TBRs either. Oh my. I risked a glance at the number of books that I plan to read one of these days, or at least in this lifetime, and the total is 291.
I remember early on this year I exclaimed there'd be 236 books to be read and I've managed to read 34 of them. Where on earth did those 89 books come from? I remember adding new ones almost every week, but apart from that one week, not so long ago, when I fell into a download frenzy, which is partly to blame, I honestly don't recall I've been book hoarding that much. Argh.


  1. I have one book I've been trying to read for about 2 months. It's been sitting on the table, with a bookmark just inside the front cover. I finally started it last week at the various dr's appts, but haven't picked it up since. The dozen books you read a week make me look like a slacker!

  2. Well, I might not read a dozen a week, BUT I add that much to my TBR stacks! Though I've come across books that dragged too, quite often they're not even that long, but finishing them seems to take for ever.