March 6, 2011

Books Aplenty - Time for an eReader

This week was dedicated to mystery novels, the shorter kind of under 300 pages, because otherwise I wouldn't have managed to read four books. Somehow though it seems it was one single reading experience as all the books were – apart from different murders – very similar themed, and most of all of rather similar quality too. Unfortunatelly.

The first read Nice (Jen Sacks) did stand out though, yet only because of the quirky premise of a girl getting rid of her boyfriends by killing them (as she hates to hurt the guys by telling them to bugger off) which is subsequently witnessed by a professional killer, who helps her with disposing of one of the victims. It was a bit weird, certainly different, and wouldn't it have been for the flat characters, this might have been quite a good book.

Murder At The Class Reunion (Triss Stein) and Following Jane (Shelley Singer) were really along the same lines as far as mystery novels go. Both were like a sluggish river leading you from a murder to rather predictable endings. And I'm afraid so, those are the kind of books that I manage to (almost) forget within days of reading, so I probably won't even know I ever read them in a month. That's a bad sign when it comes to the quality of books. Really.

The last one was In-Laws And Outlaws (Barbara Paul) and while I feared it might be pretty much like the above two (which in fact it was when it comes to the theme) it at least featured some characters with more edge and a story with a lot more depth. The deaths of some kids (grisly ones, at that) were more than tragic and quite frankly, the deaths in the other books didn't really bother me. At all. Compared to the other books, this was at least your average read.

To no one's surprise I once again added some new books to my TBR stacks, and to make matters worse, they are all eBooks. Not as though I'd be complaining, because *drumroll* I caved and finally ordered myself an eReader – 'bout time anyway – still, I realized I need to seriously catch up on all my eBooks. And now I will finally be able to do just that in a more relaxed way than just with my nose glued to the computer screen. Yay.

So, I got a number of books through LibraryThingRemedy (Heid C. Vlach), Northlight (Deborah Wheeler), Republic: A Novel Of America's Future (Charles Sheehan-Miles) and Matchmakers 2.0 (Debora Geary).
And to round things off I also won an eBook from a blog giveaway this week, namely The Only Thing I See (Jessica Barksdale Inclan) from book'd out.


  1. an e-reader? Like a Kindle? How does that fit your frugal year? (Inquiring minds want to know)

  2. I knew someone would ask this question ... seeing as how I am allowed to buy new things with the money I make selling old things this investment is absolutely legal :-D !!

  3. Just letting you know that thanks to you I'm now using netgalley to review books for my blog. I think I may have to eventually follow in your footsteps and get an e-reader as well.

  4. Oh you're going to love NetGalley - if only it weren't so very tempting to request far too many books there :-D !
    And my eReader should arrive soon, yay! I can't wait to load it with the gazillion of eBooks I haven't read yet. I'm sure to post about my new toy later this week!

  5. I'm trying to keep my requests at just the ones that I can possibly manage to find the time to read, but I'm not certain how long I'll be able to hold out. I look forward to hearing about your new eReader!