March 13, 2011

Books Aplenty - Too many to count

Curious about what I read this week?
Here goes.

I started off with yet another mystery novel (see last week) Play it again, Spam (Tamar Myers). As I've never read any Amish books before I was certainly curious about it. I mean I've seen that there are Amish novels out there, but they all seemed more of the contemporary/romantic sort, while this one promised a female sleuth solving a crime. Starting off with an unexpected humorous introduction to the main character, Mrs Yoder, it was all downhill from there. Her snippy personality already started to annoy me by page two. And as far as the story goes, well, there isn't much of a story. Unless you count Mrs Yoder's constant quarrels with the guests of her B&B and other town folk a story. And the only dead body that showed up in the book was the “bad guy” that got killed through a collapsing roof (divine intervention, definitely) on the last few pages. Bottom line – it never ceases to amaze me what kind of junk gets published.

When my new eReader arrived on Tuesday I decided to part from the looming stack of mysteries still waiting to be read and go straight for some of my NetGalley loot.

First came God Soul Mind Brain (Michael S.A. Graziano) which didn't quite hold up to the promise of the title as far as the content goes. This book is basically about how our perceptions of our own consciousness, of other minds, and also God, depend on machinery in the brain. A truly fascinating little book, highly comprehensible written for everyone to understand (the technical jargon is really kept to the absolute minimum) it doesn't try to explain God away, but it certainly offers a different approach to the origin of religious beliefs.

What I've been really looking forward to was The Girl's Guide To Homelessness (Brianna Karp) which in the end left me torn as to whether I find it a good read or not. On one hand this memoir is brutally honest, touching and shocking, the kind where you literally wish it is fiction, because you'd never want a person to have to live through all of this. On the other hand the book is split in mainly three big themes, the homelessness being (only) one of them. Another part is about her highly dysfunctional family, plus her upbringing as Jehovah's Witness. And lastly, there is the part about her relationship with Matt which, in my opinion, has been blown out of proportion, especially compared to the rest of the book. These three parts do interconnect, but still, to me, the whole book seemed crude and imbalanced. So, while the content as such touched me, the implementation of it all in this book just didn't convince me. I really wish I could say I loved this book, but it honestly disappointed.

Then I decided to go for some fiction with the YA novel Invasion (Jon S. Lewis) which is an adventurous science fiction novel. Well written, with likable characters and packed with fast paced action scenes, this book offers a thrilling premise of conspiracy theory meets alien invasion. I really enjoyed this book. Even though it's not the best science fiction novel I've ever read, it's definitely a entertaining read, of course aimed at a younger audience, but fun for adults too.

I don't even know where to begin with this week's book loot. Seriously. It is really that bad.

First of all I realized that I completely forgot the illustrated Jane Austen books I downloaded for free from Sourcebooks last year. Forgot in the sense of adding them to my TBR on LibraryThing.
Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Pride And Prejudice and Sense And Sensibility
Plus six.

Secondly I splurged on even more eBooks (after all, now that I'm the proud owner of an eReader I should also put it to use).

I found out that Christianbook offers a nice range of free eBooks on their site. Not all are available worldwide, but a lot of them are. So, inevitably, I ended up downloading some of them. Relentless (Robin Parrish), Light Of Eidon (Karen Hancock), Fools Rush In (Janice Thompson), Stuck In The Middle (Virginia Smith) and Invisible (Lorena McCourtney)
Plus five.

Then there was Read an eBook Week which translated in two free downloads from Sourcebooks – Best Little Stories From The Civil War (C. Brian Kelly) and Wild Sight (Loucinda McGary) – and a few from Smashwords. Alright alright … “a few” in numbers would be eighteen. Oh my.
And I really do hope you don't seriously expect me to list those twenty books now.
Plus twenty.

To add insult to injury I discovered Calibre which allows you to convert different eBook formats into other formats (after all not every eReader supports every format). For years (no kidding) I had the first ten books of the Left Behind Series (Tim LaHaye) on CD-Rom and now I was finally able to convert the LIT files into EPUBs.
Left Behind, Tribulation Force, Nicolae, Soul Harvest, Apollyon, Assassins, The Indwelling, The Mark, Desecration and The Remnant
Plus ten.

That totals … oh, damn … you do the math for me, will ya … it's bad enough I will have to spend half of next week entering all these books onto LibraryThing.


  1. Hi Birgit! wow, you sure do read a lot...I started reading one of the books I bought but still haven't finished it, it's a little boring.... but hey, I'm a trooper...must finish it. I hope you had a nice weekend,I crafted a little and watched movies...take care!

  2. Oh, I not only read a lot, I am also a book hoarder *lol*. Though I have to say, crafting and wwtching movies sounds good too!