March 4, 2011

The Others - Larry Donner

The night was ... humid.
Or moist?
Maybe sultry?
Whatever the night might have been, Larry Donner is suffering from a bad case of writer's block due to his resentment towards his ex-wife Margaret who stole his book and garnered mainstream success with it. While she's living the good life in Hawaii, he's now stuck with a writer's class full of annoying and far from talented students, one of them being Owen Lift.
And while we've still not established what the night was, Margaret is suddenly missing and thought dead, with Owen claiming he did her in just as Larry proposed. And now it's Larry's turn to do something about Owen's mother …

Sounds familiar? Some of you might know the movie Throw Momma From The Train and those who don't I can only recommend watching it. It's not only fun, it also let's you catch a glimpse into the life of an author. Let's face it – sometimes we all feel a bit like Larry, even though not all of us might be punished with an ex-wife, or ex-friend, or ex-whatever, running off with our book-ideas. And in the end Larry manages to sit down and write his novel. Only to be surprised by Owen who proudly presents his own book. On the same topic. But I don't want to spoil the fun for you in case you haven't seen the movie yet.

You might wonder now why I chose Larry Donner for my Friday feature on authors. Well, the book publishing world doesn't consist of established, famous wordsmiths alone. Next to the Stephen King's and Nora Robert's of the world, there are the Larry Donner's out there (plenty of them, in fact). So, here's to the Larry in all of us who are writer's at heart.

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