March 25, 2011

The Others - Terry Pratchett

These days I'm a lot more adventurous when it comes to new authors or genres that I usually don't read. I guess over the years I learned that being open for new kinds of reading experiences has, more often than not, been worth delving into unknown territory.

The first time I heard about Terry Pratchett has been one of those moments when I stubbornly refused to give it a try. Hadn't it been for an equally persistent friend who practically forced … uhm, favored me with one of his books on my birthday I wouldn't have known what I was missing out on. She knew I didn't read fantasy. Yet she didn't quite care, convinced that I must like Terry's books. That happened some 15 odd years ago and I'm still thankful that I was introduced to the wonderful Discworld novels.

The book that started it all was actually a 2-in-1 edition with The Light Fantastic and Equal Rites. Admittedly I liked the first one better, the one about the wizards, than the one staring the witches. Still, I was hooked either way and slowly started to hunt down Pratchett's books in bookstores. After getting all the “old” ones, I religiously waited for new ones to be published and was usually the first to lay hands on them the moment they hit the shelves. So far there are 37 Discworld novels, and yes, I have them all.

Those who are familiar with his books usually have their favorite series too. Mine must be the City Watch books, such as Guards! Guards! and Men At Arms closely followed by the Death books, such as Mort and Hogfather. Not to say the others aren't good though, in the end that's just a matter of your personal taste. And let's not forget there are also some stand-alone novels from the Discworld Universe with some of the recurring characters from other novels making a short appearance, while telling the stories of newly introduced and often very unique characters. Going Postal is one of those books I can only recommend.

What makes reading Pratchett's books so much fun is the perfect combination of the world he created and the memorable characters living in it. Seasoned with a great sense of humor. Served with a wonderfully engaging writing style.

And now. Go and read one of his books.

And alright, in case you're one of the lazy sort, you may try one of the TV adaptations of his books too. So far there are three: Hogfather, The Color Of Magic and Going Postal. While they're really not bad, I urge you to read the books first. You'll love them.


  1. I think that I might like Terry Pratchett's books, but with 37, I'm a little afraid to start.

  2. I know how you feel. You will like the first book and then you NEED to read the rest too :-D !

  3. This is one of Erich's favorite authors. There is always a Pratchett book sitting somewhere in the house: on the coffee table, on the dining room table, on the stairs, or even in my car. I have never read any of them- I know if it's the kind of book Erich likes then I won't.

  4. Maybe you should still give it a try, Amy! I didn't want to read any of his books in the first place either, but then I basically "had to" and loved it!

  5. I'll add the to my summer reading list. I feel as if my Dad might have some of the books, so I'll ask to borrow it when I head home.