March 18, 2011

The Others - Thomas Kinkade

Todays candidate for my Friday feature on different authors might seem a bit different at first glance. Granted, Thomas Kinkade is best known for his paintings, but some of my favorite books are “by” him, so he definitely deserves a place here.

If there is such a thing as a go-to book when I'm in a contemplative mood than it must be his Masterworks of Light book featuring many of his paintings and the stories behind them. I can sit here for quite a bit just soaking in all the details and learning more about the background of each painting. And let's not forget the inspirational part of it – I draw my ideas from many channels, but dipping into a Kinkade painting is definitely one I love best. I could seriously live in one of his paintings as na├»ve or weird this may sound to anyone else.

But did you know that there are “real” Thomas Kinkade books out there too? Granted, they are co-written by Kathrine Spencer, but definitely inspired by him not only through the cover featuring one of his paintings, but mostly through his ideas.

The most popular novels are probably the Cape Light books, On Christmas Eve being the latest. If you love Christian contemporary/romance novels you will certainly have heard about this series or have even read some of the books. I must confess my love for Kinkade never crossed the border to these books, but then again I have my go-to book and that's inspirational enough for me for now.


  1. Hi Birgit! I entered you in the giveaway anyway! if you win, then I'll just have to be killed by the post office...LOL! It's not the first time they killed me and that was shipping here in the states!!! Thomas kinkade is a wonderful artist, love his paintings...Have a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

  2. You're sweet! And I agree, national postage is a joke here too. Not to mention international. And they're rasing prices again in May ... argh!

  3. Im a new follower and I love Thomas Kinkades paintings, I once bought a journal which on the cover had one of his pictures. :) New Follower by the way.