March 12, 2011

Pajama Musings - My new toy

First things first. As much as it is fun to play around with my new eReader I already miss the joys of reading a physical book. I already miss the sensory delight of touching and even smelling a real book. Boohooo!!

Though, let's be fair. With all those eBooks waiting to be read – some for reviews, and others because I managed to snag interesting eBooks for free – purchasing an eReader made absolute sense. And while it's not the same compared to the wonderful experience of turning pages in a very real book, it does have a few advantages. Like the incredible amount of books that can be stored on this wee little device. Seriously, you can put hundreds and hundreds of books in such a tiny space, and one cannot complain about that.

Now you might wonder what kind of eReader I got. These days most people seem to gravitate towards a Kindle. I didn't even consider it. First of all I would have to order it from the US, which means that it will surly (at least my luck would have it) get stuck in customs, which substantially adds up to the total price. More importantly though, if something isn't working I'd have to send it all the way back. Trust me, it costs more than just a few bucks to send something from Europe to the US, so partly the Kindle lost due to the non existent availability at Amazon Germany. The other part I blame is that I'm always hesitant to buy things that are monopolizing a certain segment in a market. But then, that's just me.

But, fear not, there are plenty of eReaders available here, so it's not as though a Kindle would have been the only option. As far as technicalities are concerned, I wanted a no frills, simple device. I didn't look for anything fancy, because I don't need it. Period.

For example I don't see the need to have wireless access to some online shop to download books on a whim. Who needs that? Not me, that's for sure. I get all my eBooks online. And free, for that matter. As I have no intention whatsoever to actually buy eBooks I obviously don't need direct access to a shop while waiting for a bus. The way I see it, if I throw money on a book, I want the real thing. Simple as that.

So I decided to go for the Aluratek Libre. Not only the least expensive out there, but also providing me with just the things I was looking for. So far I read two books with it and I can't complain. The quality of the ePaper print is fine (while they say eInk is better) and pages turn quickly too (which eInk displays allegedly do not). While I will now switch from PDF to EPUB, which is more convenient for reading on a small device compared to in Adobe Digital Editions on the computer, I can actually view quite a number of different formats on the eReader too. Can even use it as mp3 player if I wish.

And now, off to play with my new toy!

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