March 21, 2011

A Writer's Life - My Book

Recently I stumbled over some relics from my early days of being creative. Poetry.

So, yes, as a teenager I obviously felt the need to write poems. A lot of them too. I also remember that I jotted down quite a number during class, while I should have concentrated on stuff like the economy of Brazil or probability calculus or whatever boring stuff they tried to teach us in school. Reading them now is really strange, because I remember the emotions behind them or how, in some cases, I simply played with words. Some of the poems still feel beautiful to me. Others seem crude.

I'm not even sure why I kept all those poems. You see, I had the habit of throwing out writings I considered junk, and trust me, my teenage phase was one long ride of awful writing that still makes me shudder despite the fact that the gruesome evidence is long gone. It was only in later years that I realized that, as a writer, you must go through those dark valleys called practice. My very own middle ages of writing. My coming of age. It all made me the writer I am today. And fortunately, while I might delete a sentence here or a paragraph there, I don't have to get rid of whole books because they, plain and simple, suck. While I matured, I've still got a lot to learn though, but that's just part of the fun when you love to write.

Though, back to my poems. I've never written any since my teenage days. Well, actually that's not quite true. In my twenties I had a short interlude where I toyed around with English poetry. I still have those too. And while they might not exactly move me into the vicinity of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, a number of them are kind of neat, others just utterly depressing, some make me smile, while other's have lost their meaning.

My Book
This book has got a hundred pages
on every other I choose to write.
This book has got a thousand pages
on every other the words collide.
This book has got a million faces
and each has got my blue eyes.
My book hasn’t got any pages
but on the first I start to write.

I wrote this poem sometime in the mid 90s and it still touches me today.

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  1. ah yes- the book of poetry written as a teenager! I have at least one notebook full. In fact, I actually transcribed them into a nice 'journal' type book for safekeeping! ICK!!! I did have a couple of them published though. That doesn't exactly mean they were good. So while you were writing about books, I was writing about boys. There are a few that aren't about the crush of the week, but very few. :)