March 14, 2011

A Writer's Life - Red pen

Remember my post from two weeks ago?
Yep, still rummaging in the attic.

While this might sound like dusty business *cough* it's actually more like a space adventure to me. New territory, you see. And because every good explorer needs to have their side kick I found myself one too. In fact, she volunteered and has now no chance of escape. Once you sign a deal you're in it.

But fun aside. My friend Amy volunteered to edit my text even though she didn't get out her red pen so far. I obviously asked her not to when I showed her my first draft, in fear that her red pen might have a field day. She did compliment my English though, which hopefully translates into her red pen not running out of ink before she's done with the whole text.
And apart from her editoral duties Amy also gave me my first feedback on the idea as such. She loves it, so it's got to be all uphill from here.

As this is really a new thing to me when it comes to writing - not just because of the language, but also because of the genre - I'm taking baby steps. Yet I'm currently standing at about half of the estimated amount of pages for this project. Alright. It's going to be a short book. I admit that much. Other than that, I will not give anything more away. Though, rest assured, I'll keep you all updated once this baby is on the way.

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  1. Do not worry, my partner in crime! If my red pen runs out of ink, Staples is only about 10 minutes away. :)