April 1, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge January - March

Here's a run down of how far I got with my 2011 Reading Challenge from January through March:

Total Books Read: 36

Fiction: 25
Non-fiction: 11

Physical Books: 20
eBooks: 16

Female Authors: 26
Male Authors: 10

For Review: 11

1. Sorting Out Billy (Jo Brand)
2. Confessions Of A Working Girl (Miss S)
3. The Frugalista Files (Natalie McNeal)
4. Let's Get Physical (Sherry Ashworth)
5. My Business is to Create (Eric G. Wilson)
6. Love Walked In (Marisa de los Santos)
7. The Defrosting Of Charlotte Small (Annabel Giles)
8. Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle (Beverly Bartlett)
9. Almost Perfect (Julie Ortolon)
10. Look The World In The Eye (Alice Peterson)
11. The Quotable Chesterton (Kevin Belmonte)
12. Instructions For Visitors (Helen Stevenson)

13. Bottled And Sold (Peter H. Gleick)
14. Ravenous (Dayna Macy)
15. Cheap (Ellen Ruppel Shell)
16. Shoptimism (Lee Eisenberg)
17. Naked Frame (Robert Burton Robinson)
18. Friends Of Choice (Linda Nelson)
19. Speak To Our Desires (B.W. Clough)
20. One Good Turn (Kate Atkinson)
21. Mr Commitment (Mike Gayle)
22. Dinner For Two (Mike Gayle)

23. Nice (Jen Sacks)
24. Murder At The Class Reunion (Triss Stein)
25. Following Jane (Shelley Singer)
26. In-Laws And Outlaws (Barbara Paul)
27. Play It Again, Spam (Tamar Myers)
28. God Soul Mind Brain (Michael S.A. Graziano)
29. A Girl's Guide To Homelessness (Brianna Karp)
30. Invasion (Jon S. Lewis)
31. Outside In (Maria V. Snyder)
32. Matchmakers 2.0 (Debora Geary)
33. Coyote Ugly (Pati Nagle)
34. Northlight (Deborah Wheeler)
35. The Tao Of Travel (Paul Theroux)
36. Paradise Lust (Brook Wilensky-Lanford)

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