April 20, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Seventh Sanctum aka Inspirations for the uninspired writer

Let's assume you've run out of ideas, because your trusted your muse isn't willing to show up. What to do, what to do?
Maybe heading over to Seventh Sanctum might help!

These are my first steps into the world of random tools for creativity, with quite a fine collection of “generators” that make random characters, plots, ideas, and more, to use in your writing, games, art and more.

So, let's get started …

I think I'll go for a romance oriented story in a science fiction setting.

In this story, a delusional astronomer attends a professional event and meets a persuasive physicist. What starts as detachment soon turns into infatuation - all thanks to an unveiling. What role will someone visiting a doctor play in their relationship?

Alright, I think I could possibly maybe work with that *cough*.

Now we need to build up the characters.

This gentleman makes you think of an inhuman statue. He has slanted brown eyes that are like two patches of dried blood. His thick, wavy, black hair is neck-length and is worn in a severe style. He is short and has a narrow build. His skin is light-colored. He has thick eyebrows. His wardrobe is severe, with a lot of brown and gray.

That would be our delusional astronomer. Just the way I would have imagined him.

This generous woman has droopy cobalt-blue eyes. Her fine, straight, gray hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a horse's mane. She has a slender build. Her skin is pale. She has wide feet. Her wardrobe is tight.

This would be the persuasive physicist. The tight wardrobe sure goes with the persuasiveness.

And if you'll excuse me now for a minute or two, because I need to … muahahahaaaaaaaa … concentrate on not breaking out in laughter.

So, we have the basic idea and the main characters, now let's work on the details, like the names of our lovely couple. And because I don't want to disturb my neighbors with more laughing fits, I shall use general-purpose names.

Brain Mathis

What the …

Dona Eliza Owens

… hell!?

Do I really want to know what kind of names the more fancy generators would have thrown at me?

I think not.

What else do we need to consider?

Well, maybe the government Brain and Dona work for should be named.

Galaxies' Union

Not all too bad.

And seeing how this is science fiction we are going to put our heroes onto a spaceship.

Dimensional Covert Ultra-Cruiser

Yeah, right.

Last, but so definitely least, our book needs a title.

The Early Rulers of the Territories

I hate to say this, but the title seems to be the best part of the book. Seriously. Then again …

This book is not very clear thanks to a lack of coherent planning. If someone makes an effort to read it, they will find it has little useful information. One may be deterred from reading it, but it is evident that the contents contain some original thought. Examining the book, one will find: Some personal notes unrelated to the book, scattered throughout the book.

That figures.

Fear not, my dear readers, because me and my muse have called a truce after all.

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  1. Ha! I once took a workshop that gave us three lists. We had to choose one from each list and create the beginning of a story. It made me realize that if pressed, I could at least make a beginning out of anything.