April 1, 2011

Blog Stats 2011 January - March

Since deciding to blog on a daily basis back in December the page views of The Book Garden have steadily increased during the first quarter of 2011, March being the best month with 692 views. The number of my public followers through GFC also grew quite a bit and with the end of March there are 62 loyal readers of my blog.

Top Five (all time):
Review – My Business Is To Create (Eric G. Wilson)
25 Followers Giveaway
50 Followers Giveaway
2011 Reading Challenge hosted by Book Chic City
The Others – Terry Pratchett

I'm amazed for two reasons – first of all that one of my reviews made first place, yay, and secondly that it's not the giveaways alone that people found interesting.

Most page views by country (all time):
United States

Weirdest searches that brought people to my blog:
in mainly three
garden makeover blogs
your books are facing eviction
captivating read for developmental writers

And last but not least, some technical fun facts:
Most people used Firefox to view my blog, but there's also been some rather exotic browsers like RockMelt and SimplePie. As far as operating systems go Windows is the clear winner, though there were a couple of Linux and Samsung's strewn in for good measure too.


  1. Interesting! I've never heard of RockMelt or SimplePie. Firefox is way better than Internet Explorer, at least for blogging.

  2. I must confess, I never heard of these too either, but maybe they're going to be all the rage in the future, who knows :-D !