April 24, 2011

Books Aplenty - I want to be a Diva, but I might pass on trying to have 50 jobs in only a year

I didn't get as much done in reading this week as I had planned to, then again, both books were really enjoyable, so I couldn't ask for more, could I? Alright, maybe having more time to read more books, but well.

First came 50 Jobs In 50 States (Daniel Seddiqui) which is, basically, about a guy traveling the United States to work in 50 different, and mostly typical for the individual states, jobs - all over the course of a year. Awesome idea, and even more so, I found it amazing how much energy Daniel put into this project, which certainly wasn't the easiest to beginn with. But he succeeded and if there's one thing I need to criticize about the book that would be that it's a bit amateurishly written, or shall I say, not as polished as I would have wished for. Don't get me wrong - the idea alone, and being able to follow Daniel's journey through his book, more than make up for this.

Then I read The Diva Doctrine (Patricia V. Davis) which was a both fun and empowering read that I can only recommend to women of every age. Honest and self-deprecating you will learn a thing or two about what it means to be a true Diva. And no, not the kind of Diva that throws hissy fits just because she got the wrong brand of bottled water to her salad. A true Diva is a woman who is successful, happy and confident. Now what girl doesn't want to be that kind of Diva? I can see you nod in agreement. Good. Because this book is absolutely fabulous. So go ahead and read it.

We all knew it would not last all that long … the period of time in which no new books rolled in.

Once again I received several books through LibraryThing, namely The Bone Trail (Nell Walton), Peace, Love And Murder (Nancy Holzner) and The Monster Inside (JG Faherty).

Inevitably there was also a free download from Sourcebooks too – Romeo, Romeo (Robin Kaye).

Then, of course, I couldn't resist and requested two books from NetGalley. First off The Diva Doctrine (Patricia V. Davis) which I obviously read right away. Plus Exchange (Dale R. Cozort), so as not to read non-fiction titles only for my reviews. And yes, I know I shouldn't continue requesting so many books there, but it's just so tempting every time some new and interesting ones pop up on the site. And hey, I'm a good girl! I will review them all!! I may not be the fastest, but I am reliable when it comes to reviewing.

And now *drumroll* I am proud to announce the book that did indeed sit in my mailbox this week. A signed copy of The Great Betrayal (Millenia Black) which I recently won on Peeking Between the Pages. Woohoo!!

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