April 10, 2011

Books Aplenty - My download addiction

Even though I promised myself to finally read all those magazines which have been ignored by me since, uhm, January, I ended up reading books. What's the logical conclusion? Maybe to cancel those subscriptions? Now there's a thought.

First came Consumerology (Philip Graves) which is, unlike what some might think now, not about shopping shopping shopping til' I'm dropping, but instead a fascinating book on consumer behavior and marketing research. While it is, in my opinion, more aimed at people who have a background in Marketing, it's an accessible and well written guide for everyone who's interested in the topic. In short – you may say you'll buy one thing, but in the end you'll buy something else entirely. Welcome to the unconscious which decides for us whether we want it to or not.

And, to round me reading week off, I indulged in A Novena for Murder (Sister Carol Anne O'Marie) yesterday. This has been a sweet and cozy little mystery novel, with a nun that's just a bit like good old Miss Marple. I actually liked this one. With likable characters, yet a foreseeable plot, it certainly wasn't the best mystery I've ever read, but it provided me with just the right dosage of enjoyment and diversion for a lazy afternoon.

It wouldn't be me if a week went by where I don't add obscene amounts of new books to my ever growing TBR stacks. Once again they were all virtual, so at least they don't take up any physical space. Alright, here are this week's book loot confessions.

I once again downloaded free eBooks from Christianbook Thicker Than Blood (C.J. Darlington), Elisha's Bones (Don Hoesel), Love Me If You Must (Nicole Young), Paid In Blood (Mel Odom).

Then Sourcebooks offered some free downloads too – Skipped Parts (Tim Sandlin), 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover (Linda Wisdom), Backstage Pass: Sinners On Tour (Olivia Cunning), A Cottage By The Sea (Ciji Ware).

From LibraryThing I received The Kult and Deadfall (Shaun Jeffrey), The Curse Of Anna Greene (Mary Aris), Following My Toes (Laurel Osterkamp) and Too Near The Edge (Lynn Osterkamp).

And because I couldn't resist I requested and received some more books on NetGalley, namely 50 Jobs In 50 States (Daniel Seddicki), The Quest For The Cure (Brent R. Stockwell), Look Away, Dixieland (James B. Twitchell) and Malled (Caitlin Kelly).

No real, physical books, but I guess we established that yesterday already ... dumdidum ...