April 17, 2011

Books Aplenty - The week of mysteries

While I usually start off Sunday's feature with the books I read, followed by those I added to my TBR stacks, I will do it the other way round today.

After the obscene amounts of eBooks I've been hoarding the past few weeks, I am proud to announce that I didn't add a single book this week. Very proud of self.

Granted, I thought that my extensive whining the previous week might lead to several books finally materializing in my mailbox, but they didn't. Yet, interestingly enough, I found out that one of the books I won quite some time ago, well my name kind of slipped through, but I should receive it now anytime soon. And the one I requested from BookSneeze almost two months ago is now considered lost-in-the-mail too. Oh well ...

And then *drumroll* I received two lovely e-mails from fellow book bloggers who put me on their RAK list *doing the happy dance*. In case you haven't yet heard about RAK aka Random Acts of Kindness, just read my blog post from two weeks ago. I will give a full report on what I received (I know the title of one book, the other is still a surprise) and what I sent out myself at the end of the month. Let's just say I love the idea and will certainly participate next month too!

And now to my reading loot.

I hit it off with Malled (Caitlin Kelly) which is a book about her experiences in retail. If you've read Retail Hell (Freeman Hall), well, this is a lot different and while Retail Hell might have a humor that is not to everyone's taste (though I loved it), Malled is the more substantial one dealing with the topic. Ever worked retail? You should definitely read this book. Only a shopper? You should still read it.
Judith, from Leeswamme's Blog (which is one of my favorite blogs), also read and reviewed the book this week, plus she even had the chance to do an interview with Caitlin, so you might want to check this out. Of course my own review will follow in a few days too.

Then I dug into my mystery stacks, basically choosing the books by blindly picking a random one. First came Shakespeare's Champion (Charlaine Harris) and the first couple of pages were everything but promising. Dead body in the local gym and the heroine Lily Bard is heavily into workout herself. Not exactly the kind of starting point I warm up to easily. But then, after more pages I simply couldn't put the book down. While Lily is far from being a likable character she is amazingly deep and real, a rare finding in your plain old mystery book these days. And the plot and the fabulously developed characters work together so well. Let's just say I finished the book in one sitting even though it got a wee bit late, or should I say early, doing that.
And after I put the book away I simply had to run to the computer and check on other works by Charlaine Harris. Imagine my surprise to find out she's the one behind True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books!? I never read those, alright, but I have heard lost about these books. So, here's the plan – the Lily Bard Omnibus with all five books of the series will go on my wishlist. Can you tell how much I loved this book? I bet you can.

After this almost perfect read I followed up with Murder Mile High (Lora Roberts) which wasn't all too bad either. Once again with a female lead, Liz sets off to meet with her estranged family just to end up as suspect for the murder of her shot ex-husband who's been dumped on her parent's front porch. Well written, I especially liked the interaction between Liz and Eva who's with the local police, though I would have wished for the whole plot to be a bit less foreseeable.

Falling From Grace (Patricia Brooks) has been the third mystery and with the much better books that came before it was probably the low point of the week. Trying to find the sister of her newest client, the killings of the Crucifixer get in the way, and yes, the two cases are connected. Still your average read, flowing smoothly, with ok characters, and a rather twisted plot (and family for that matter). All in all it was certainly worthwhile, yet didn't quite capture me like the others did.

Here's to next week, with more fun on the reading front.

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  1. Well done on the restraint! I'm trying to cut down... :|