April 3, 2011

Books Aplenty - A wonderful week in reading

This week read two books from NetGalley. I swear, this was one of my best weeks in reading in a long time. In other words, those were truly awesome books.

First came The Tao Of Travel (Paul Theroux) which I wanted to read simply due to the fact that I love to travel. I didn't even look at the premise of the book when I requested it. I went for it because of the title. I know what you might be thinking now. I am also the kind of gal who'll go after a book, because the cover is amazing. At least occasionally. Anyway. This is a great collection, to say the least, of quotes and excerpts of his own and other travel writer's works. He dips into themes like railway travels, travelers who never went alone, imaginary journeys, and much more and seasoned the whole book with travel wisdoms by people like Freya stark and Robert Louis Stevenson. Quite frankly, my review (which will follow next week) won't be able to do this fantastic book justice. Let's just say that when you love traveling and writing than this work belongs on your bookshelf. Delightful and profound. Loved it.

And my traveling heart kept on reading. Paradise Lust (Brook Wilensky-Lanford) was yet another book that lured me in with its title. It presents a comprehensive overview of theories on where the Garden of Eden might have been and how people have been literally lusting after an answer to the question. So where was it? The North Pole? Ohio? China? Or Mesopotamia after all? This has been a both informative and at the same time wonderfully entertaining read. And maybe we should also look at it from this side – paradise isn't paradise until it's lost. What would happen if we truly found it? Would we be overjoyed? Or merely disappointed?

This week I added three books to my infamous TBR stacks. First of all there's a free download of Starfarers (Vonda McIntyre) from Book View Cafe. Then I received Evil Genius (Patricia Rice) and Carnival Of Fear (JG Faherty) through LibraryThing. Plus, I won the eBook Storm Of Magick (L.A. Burton) through a giveaway at Splash Of Our Worlds.

And, because I've been a very good girl and read almost all my NetGalley books in the past few weeks (admittedly there are still two left waiting to be read, but good enough for me to allow myself another request) I requested two new ones and already received one of them, namely Consumerology (Philip Graves).


  1. You're having really good luck with choosing galleys! I don't use Netgalley very much as I don't have an e-reader. But for people that do, it's a great way to find new books.

  2. Admittedly I only bought an eReader because of all those interesting galleys and let's not forget all those free eBooks that kept on accumulating *sigh*. I tried reading them on the computer, but while it's doable it's also tedious. While I do prefer real books, I must say I am really fond of my relatively new toy too!

  3. Reasons I pick a book: I like the author, it's been recommended to me, I like the subject (in the cases of non-fiction), I like the cover artwork, the title grabs me. Sometimes, when it is the artwork or the title that reach out to me as I wander through the bookstore, I do read the jacket or the back cover to get an idea of the story. And sometimes, I just wing it and go with my gut instinct. :)

  4. Winging it often brings the best results :-D !