April 9, 2011

Pajama Musings - The curse of the empty mailbox

I really must stop looking at all those In My Mailbox posts on the blogs I follow. It's sheer torture and makes me at the same time drool with envy and cry out in frustration. Why's that, you wonder? Simple. My mailbox only surprises me with the usual suspects – adds and bills. Nothing that even remotely looks like a book. Unless of course you collect all those unsolicited adds and bind them into a book. While this would be a rather quirky alternative to throwing the whole lot into the paper bin downstairs it's also not exactly the answer to my longing.

Those of you who follow my Sunday feature Books Aplenty will already be aware of the fact that while I often add quite substantial amounts of books to my TBR stacks each week, pretty much all of them are eBooks. On the upside – they don't take away any physical space. On the downside – I do prefer real books. The ones that trees have to die for. While my eReader saves me from getting blind by reading on the computer screen and also makes it possible to read anywhere I choose, preferably comfortably stretched out on the couch, in the end it's just not the same experience as holding a book in your hands and flipping through its pages. In short – I go the eBook way out of necessity, but my true love are real books.

You know something? I'd love to be able to do at least a twice-yearly In My Mailbox post myself. No, that's not a typo. Let's see … this year I received three books in the mail. Yep, three. One I requested from BookSneeze, one I received from Goodreads and the last one I've won in a giveaway. This is honestly shocking.

And seeing how I declared 2011 to be my frugal year I'm not exactly buying books by the dozen myself. Though I currently wait for a few books to be published by the end of April and I have this lovely Amazon GC I'm going to use on them, yay! But I digress.

What gets to me is that I am actually playing the dreaded waiting game. You see, I've won several books in giveaways, plus BookSneeze has obviously sent my last request by snail mail and the snail either took a detour to Djibouti or ended up in Australia (you wouldn't believe how many things I received with a neat “Missent to Australia” stamp on in) where it decided to stay during the winter months. Alright, I am obviously, or maybe even most definitely, not the most patient person in the world.

Side note: Before you argue that I am relatively new to book blogging and books for review might eventually roll in, please keep in mind that I will (apart from BookSneeze) probably never receive ARCs for review as I neither live in the USA or in the UK. Seeing how I review only English books, not to mention those insane international postage rates, I totally understand that publishers won't send books my way, especially when there are enough great book bloggers in the USA or UK anyway. Plus, NetGalley is fantastic when it comes to getting my hands on eBook ARCs.
Besides, this little rant is not about receiving books from publishers, but a call to the heavens so that all the books I've won will finally arrive (here, not in Australia, mind you).

So, for now, all I wish for is that the books I am waiting for will one day soon sit in my mailbox and I can get out my camera to snap a picture of my loot which will then be the cornerstone of my very first In My Mailbox post. Just thinking about it makes me smile …

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