April 16, 2011

Pajama Musings - The death of a TV set

Do you read user manuals? Alright, maybe the better question would be, do you understand them. But seriously, do you risk a glance or just throw them into the bottom drawer and forget about them?

Not so long ago I found quite a substantial amount of manuals for all kinds of appliances in a drawer. Most of these things weren't even in my possession anymore. And to add insult to injury, I even excavated several remote controls for which I obviously had the user manual, but the actual device was already in junk heaven or wherever else dead TV sets and radios may go.

If you read Monday's blog post you will already know that my old TV set died last weekend. It was a quick death and the only one suffering was lil' old me, not because I felt that not being able to watch TV was so horrible, but because of pulling a tendon when hauling the spare TV I have stored in the basement upstairs. Fortunately my arm got better quickly, so I obviously didn't hurt myself all too badly. As the old TV set was darn heavy I decided that buying a new one would have to go hand in hand (but not mine this time, ha) with disposing of the old one. Granted, delivery cost a bit more than just packing the new one in my car, but lacking at least two strong men without back problems the old TV would have sticked around and probably made a side table for eternity.

So, there it sat. My new Panasonic Viera. And with it came about ten or twelve small leaflets which didn't quite look the way I remember user manuals to look like. Each leaflet was in a different language and basically just explained the remote control. End of story. But there was also a CD-Rom. Alrighty. Saving paper and putting everything on CD makes sense. And obviously every person on the planet owns a computer. Admittedly I do, but it seemed too much of an effort to pop that thing in and than run from one room into the other just to start up my new toy. Of course I could have printed out a gazillion pages, but that's not like me either. Anyway. Who needs manuals anyway? I grabbed the remote control, and lo and behold, no cry of frustration but instant success. Don't ya love intuitive handling of gadgets? I certainly do.

Here's to a long life of my new TV set. And next time I have to buy another one, it will probably not have a manual included anymore. Not even on CD. I will just have to press the ON-button and a nice voice will lead me through the whole installation process. I kinda like that idea. But for now, it's me, the remote control and half a tree that didn't have to die so I could read how the TV operates. That's neat too.

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  1. LOL Yes I have instruction manuals too and only really read them if I have to. That's why I don't know how to use most of the programmes my computer came with, most of the things the TV does (why do they do more than just show you the programmes anyway?)