April 30, 2011

Pajama Musings - The frugal life of a bookaholic

Hard to believe that it's already the end of April. Some of you might remember my blog post on Januray 1st where I declared to live the frugal life. But what's a declaration without any willpower?

I must confess that I was unsure just how strong my willpower really was, but seeing how I didn't have to walk the frugal path alone, but with my good friend Sarah who instigated the whole frugality-thing in the first place, it wasn't so bad after all. Granted, the first few weeks were still filled with orders rolling in which I had made in late December. In February temptation started to glimpse around the corner, though I bravely ignored it. By the end of March I realized that I didn't even think about shopping. At least not much. Shocker. Seriously. And now, in April, I fell into quite a money-saving state of mind.

Admittedly though I am allowed to do "some" shopping in my frugal year. No splurging though on stuff that I don't really need, but merely want. As mentioned back in January, I allow myself only to buy things from the money I make, selling once wanted but never really needed things. You'd be in shock if I told you how much I earned that way during the past four month. It only goes to show that I obviously haven't been someone to spend her money wisely.

Anyway. While I did not use a cent of my "frugal money" in January, I did buy a thing or two in February, and early March. Trust me, when you're on a budget, even if it's self-imposed, you think twice about buying things. Now take a wild guess what made up the lions part of my frugal buying frenzy? Any ideas?

My eReader.

I thought long and hard before I finally caved. And seeing how I had the money to buy it, I did. But what about books in general? Here's a shocker. I "reduced" my book shopping to the absolute minimum which means, patiently waiting for paperback editions from my favorite authors to be available. Preferably, even the cheapest possible versions of those paperbacks (as there is often quite a difference between US and UK editions).
I know what you're about to say now - this is insane!? Alright, it probably is. But in some twisted way it's fun to be frugal, even if it's not out of necessity, but due to the wish to generally buy more wisely. And boy, did I splurge on stuff in the past years. You wouldn't believe it. And I'm surly not going into the ugly details of buying "mystery boxes" filled with books on Ebay. Yikes!

What started as some kind of money-saving-venture between friends soon showed me how irresponsibly I've often kept on throwing money out of the window. I never even came close to having depts, mind you, but still - money came in and was almost immediately spent again. Mostly on things I really didn't need, because I had at least half a dozen only slightly different versions already in my closet. These days I think twice about what I want to buy and I appreciate it a whole lot more, because my decisions are well thought through.
And you know what? I feel a whole lot happier today. And that's even more important than seeing my bank account grow fat.


  1. I should probably do this! I am trying to cut down on books though, not because of the cost but I have too many to read already! It's hard work. I probably spend too much on food too...

  2. Frugal or not, with those towering TBR stacks - I just dared to check and the current number of unread books is 329, yikes - cutting down on book purchases is definitely the most sensible choice for me too *sigh*.