May 25, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Book Blog Directories

Have you ever been looking for a list of book blogs? Or, even more so, are you a book blogger who wants to get word out of your own little, or not so little, blog?

Today I'd like to introduce you to two wonderful sites where you can go looking for all the book blogs out there as well as get listed yourself. Of course there are other websites like these too, after all the idea as such isn't novel, but these are my personal favorites.

The Book Blog Directory is a great directory where you'll find the obligatory alphabetical book blog list and you'll even get to see the latest blog posts of all listed blogs which makes for excellent browsing. Last but not least, you can even surprise yourself a bit by visiting random blogs, plus add a button on your own blog with which you can show off a random blog every time your page gets loaded.

Parajunkee Design
Here you'll find a comprehensive listing of book blogs, separated by genre and listed alphabetically. The Book Blogger Directory's mission is to cross promote book bloggers, provide listings by genre and increase links to raise page rank.
This is probably the newest site out there and I have to say that the book bloggers who came up with the idea did a great job. To browse by genre is an excellent and very helpful option, which certainly separates this site from others. Also don't forget to check out the blog too, where new book bloggers will be frequently introduced in interviews.

So, go and get listed. Now.

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  1. I'm listed on one of these, I'll have to check out the other when I get home :)