May 18, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - The Guardian

Now how does The Guardian (British newspaper) end up in today's feature? Let's see ... you can read about quite a lot of things on the site. Get the latest news, check the weather, or the TV guide. And then, of course, there is a lovely section dedicated to books.

Here you will not only get the latest on literary coverage, including news, interviews, reviews, audio, video and original writing from the most exciting authors around the world, it is also a place for readers to talk about literature, to review and rate the books they've read, and to compile and share lists of their favourites. And if that wasn't enough, you'll also find lots of quizzes. And I'm not just talking about any old quizzes here, but fascinating ones such as "How well do you know your pseudonymous authors?", the "Diana Wynne Jones Quiz", or the "Libraries in Literature Quiz".

These are all fun, but at the same time really informative too. So go and check them out!

And in case quizzes aren't to your liking, why not enjoy some pictures of famous authors behind their typewriters?

George Bernard Shaw at work in 1929

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