May 4, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Sprucing up your blog

You might have already seen this on other blogs, or even mine - a little button that tells you when the blog's birthday or anniversary aka blogoversary is. This is a neat little gadget you can get from the Blogoversary website. Just feed it with all the details of your blog and you'll receive the HTML code to put it in your sidebar.

Something else entirely is Read the Printed Word with which you take the pledge to, well, read the printed word. You can choose from several different types of buttons, whichever you like best. And while I admittedly do read eBooks, I definitely prefer real books, so this little button had to go on my sidebar too.

And in case you're not only a reader, but also a writer, I recommend this little button, or shall I say reminder, to you. Debbie Ridpath Ohi created the 1000 Words A Day Challenge to inspire writers to ... write. You don't have to aim for the 1000 words if you don't want to as there's also the option to choose 500 or 250 words.

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