May 29, 2011

Books Aplenty - I almost forgot ...

... all those many maaaaany LibraryThing books that I've been inadvertently ignoring for a few weeks now. But not any longer, because this week I only read books I received through this site. I have a reputation of reviewing all the books there, so I better not fail.

I started off with two books for teens Priscilla The Great and Priscilla The Great: The Kiss Of Life (Sybil Nelson). Those who know me are probably aware of the fact that I usually don't read that much YA or books for an even younger audience. At least I didn't until I realized how many great reads I'd be missing out on if I never gave it a try. These two novels, part one and two of what I can only hope to have a sequel, have been so entertaining and most importantly well-written, that I thoroughly enjoyed them even as an adult. Starting with a twelve year old who suddenly shoots fire out of her fingers this story could have gone many ways, but this one is certainly unusual. Definitely not your average girl-becomes-witch kind of book, which you might expect upon starting to read, but a fun X-Men kind of story. And I really have to say, I absolutely loved Priscilla's snarky personality. In short - she's cool (unless of course she fires up her fingers). A super fun book for young readers!

Fixing Cupid (Cristian Young Miller) sounded fun too. But then I started reading. Oh dear. Granted, the premise is a good one - a unique take on a modern day Cupid, named Jack - and should have made for an enjoyable light read with a chuckle or two along the way, but the humor is outrageously and horribly bad, making me cringe all the time. And don't even get me started on all the grammatical errors that attacked me on almost every single page *shudders*.

Summoning (Debi Faulkner) certainly made up for the disappointing previous read. I realize a lot of people don't like narratives where the author is jumping back and forth in time to tell the story, but I'm actually a big fan of it if it's well done. And it certainly is in this case. The main ingredients of the story are a young servant girl and a vicar selling not only his but also her soul to a demon. If this is just your kind of thing I can only recommend the book to you as it's not only engagingly but also beautifully written.

And now, here are new books I added this week.

I don't even know how to say this, but there's no way around it, so I'll just spit it out. New books from LibraryThing rolled in *sigh* namely, Borrowed Saints (Aaron Polson), My True Essence (Shawneda Marks), A Line Blurred (Bryan Healey), Laying The Odds (J.R. Tomlin) and Betrayed (Morgan Rice).

Than I've been lucky and won the eBook of Happy Birthday To Me (Brian Rowe) through a giveaway on The Eclectic Reader.

And *drumroll* you know that I don't get out the camera for anthing under three books in my actual mailbox, but I felt really tempted to do an IMM post just for this one. I've won a book of choice from Reviews By Martha's Bookshelf and I chose Across The Universe (Beth Revis) which has been on my wishlist for ages. I even received the hardcover edition, yay!


  1. Lots of books! So, do you win these books on librarything? I've won only one book so far (Dutch, so only 8 people or so wanted it). I don't like the LT giveaways as there are almost only e-books for my country.

    Have fun reading!

  2. Yes, I get those through the Member Giveaway program and, like you already mentioned, most of the books are eBooks. I received only two physical books during the last year. Of course I'd generally prefer real books, but I found some real gems through this program, so I keep up requesting anyway.