May 8, 2011

Books Aplenty - Reviews, here we come!

I've been an awful good girl this week. Not only did I read four books, those books were all for review. Like I said, been a good girl.

As my reviews will be going up during the course of the next week, I'm not going to babble all that much about them today and will share just a few random thoughts about them.

Exchange (Dale R. Cozort) is an adventure set in a world where places of Earth will occasionaly be "exchanged" with parts on another world. Fascinating idea. Two-dimensional characters. And the romance part was superfluous.

Those That Wake (Jesse Karp) is a mixture of dystopia and science fiction where people are suddenly confronted with the fact that they are completely "forgotten" by family and friends. Awesome premise with a touch of Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers meets The Matrix. Greatly devised characters. Not quite what I consider a YA novel though.

The Band That Played On (Steve Turner) is a tribute to the eight musicians that went down with the Titanic. Amazingly well researched the book certainly does those men justice, though, if you pardon my expression, the book was a bit dry in parts.

The Final Summit (Andy Andrews) is about the archangel Gabriel bringing together so called "Travelers" to answer "the question to save humanity". Interesting idea. Supposedly inspirational. Though it didn't captivate me at all. Others might like it, I didn't.

What's new?

Through the LibraryThing Member Giveaways I received No Alibi (Jenny Hilborn), Death After Midnight (Dean Fetzer), Rise Of The Raven (Steven R. Drennon), Memoirs Of An Antihero (Drew Blank) and Summoning (Debi Faulkner).

From Christianbook I once again downloaded a number of free eBooks this week, namely It Happens Every Spring (Catherine Palmer), Disaster Status (Candace Calvert), Too Close To Home (Lynette Eason), A Tailor-Made Bride (Karen Witemeyer) and Shrouded In Silence (Robert Wise).

Inevitably Sourcebooks had some eBook promotions as well, which ended with me downloading Songs For A Teenage Nomad (Kim Culbertson), SEALed With A Kiss (Mary Margret Daughtridge), One Lucky Cowboy (Carolyn Brown) and A Secret In Salem (Sheri Anderson).

Having just recently discovered Simon & Schuster's Galley Grab I also looted their monthly newsletter for interesting books to review. I picked Blood Red Road (Moira Young), I'm Kind Of A Big Deal (Stefanie Wilder-Taylor) and The Judas Gospel (Bill Myers).

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