May 22, 2011

Books Aplenty - So much to review, so little time

Alright, it's time to face the music ... ahem, the review stacks. You should think I've learned by now that it's not a good idea to run wild and request all those interesting galleys when a day only has a measly 24 hours. And, to be honest, my TBR review stacks ask for 72 hours days, at the very least.

Anyway, while I only managed to read two books this week, both were for review.

Look Away Dixieland (James B. Twitchell) presents a different kind of journey through the Deep South of the US. What the author calls a historical-quest-travelogue is as much a historical guide book as it is an entertaining roadtrip. Fun to read and also highly informative you follow his journey along Route 84 which he undertook to uncover facts about his great-grandfather, a carpetbegger from the North, whose fate is deeply mingled with this region's past. Not your ordinary travelguide!

The Quest For The Cure (Brent R. Stockwell) explores how scientists are trying to find new treatments for diseases and the need for innovative new approaches. With in-depth look on both the medical angle, as well as the crucial role of the pharmaceutical industry, this is certainly a well-written and most of all comprehensive book on the matter. Personally I would have wished for less chemical/biological information and a closer look at the industry as such. Nonetheless a fascinating read in which I learned quite a few new things!

And now, the inevitable list of new books I added throughout the week. More than two. Talk about decreasing bookstacks. Yeah, right!

Through LibraryThing I received Fixing Cupid (Cristian Young Miller) and Criticality (Edmund Alexander Sims).

Let's not forget the inevitable free downloads from Christianbook, in this case Eye Of The God (Ariel Allison Lawhon), Making Waves (Lorna Seilstad) and The Dead Saint (Marylin Brown Oden).

And then I've been lucky and won an eBook of Hedgeland (Ann Nyland) from The Wormhole.

And seeing how several physical books rolled in too this week, watch out for my IMM post where I present you the real loot, yay!

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