May 15, 2011

Books Aplenty - Time to catch up on reviews

While I managed to read four books for review last week, I did read another four this week, yet only two were actually for reviewing purposes. The other two, well, I have a good excuse for those. I simply couldn't wait to dig into The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World (Susan Veness) and when Inside Out (Maria S. Snyder), my April RAK which Hilde from The Turn of the Page sent me, arrived during the week, all other books were completely forgotten and I started reading right aways and pretty much finished the book in two sittings.

If you're a such a big fan of WDW like myself than you must get the above mentioned book. No matter how often you might have been to the parks, there is still so much to discover what even people who've been here often will overlook many lovely details. Granted, some infos are a bit outdated, but all in all a fantastic read for hardcore Disney fans.

And do I really need to mention how much I loved my RAK? Guess not. I had the chance to read and review Outside In (Maria V. Snyder) a little while ago and I really wanted to read the first part too. If you love dystopia, or science fiction for that matter, don't let the fact that it's a YA novel hesitate, because I have long ago passed the YA age threshold and I loved the books. Both.

As for the books for review ...

Admittedly I had no idea what I'd get myself into with I'm Kind Of A Big Deal (Stefanie Wilder-Taylor) . I usually don't like the kind of humor that standup-comedians throw at the audience. Just. Not. Funny. Yet this book, in which Stefanie reflects on how she became a writer and comedian, wasn't over the top at all. In parts hilarious, then downright serious, it made for an interesting read. Some parts though didn't quite fit into the general theme of the book, such as the letters to celebrities, but that's just me.

And a girl can't live on non-fiction alone, so I delved into Blood Red Road (Moira Young) . I swear, after reading the first few pages I thought I'd never be able to read on, not to mention finish the book. Why? It's been written in such a colloquial way that I felt the need to get out my red pen and edit. But, this voice is what fits the story to a T, and you'll get used to it after a couple more pages. Set in an apocalyptic world. Great story-telling. Deep characters. If only the reason behind the epic journey has been a little weak in my opinion. Find out more as soon as my actual review goes up.

Any new books to add?
Of course there are new ones, how could you ever doubt there weren't?

Apart from the above mentioned RAK I also received two books (again for review) through NetGalley - The Third (Abel Keogh) and First We Read, Then We Write (Robert D. Richardson).

And seeing how long the last books from BookSneeze needed to reach me, I downloaded The Seraph Seal (Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner) as eBook this time. Not sure whether I will continue doing so, but this one sounded so very intriguing that I had to have it right away.

Sourcebook offered a free download of The Four Corners Of The Sky (Michael Malone) this weekend, so who am I to resist?

Then, of course, LibraryThing provided me yet with even more books - The Broken Sword (Joseph Robert Lewis), Legacy (Chris Adonn), Priscilla The Great and Priscilla The Great: The Kiss Of Life (Sybil Nelson).

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  1. So many books! I hope that you enjoy The Book Thief. It is an interesting read!