May 8, 2011

In My Mailbox (2)

Who would have thought I'd be able to have another In My Mailbox post so soon after my very first one? Not me, that's for sure. Obviously I'm not complaining about it either.
So what clogged my mailbox this week?

Lo and behold, my book requests from Booksneeze, which I seriously thought lost, did arrive after all. Both were sitting in my mailbox this week, actually even on the same day. And all of this despite the fact that The Band That Played On (Steve Turner) has been “on the road” for roughly two months, while The Final Summit (Andy Andrews) obviously made it onto a rowboat with faster oarsmen, still taking about six weeks or so. Frankly, I wouldn't have thought them missent to Australia if it weren't for the fact that Booksneeze requests never took longer than four weeks to reach me … oh, the mysteries of postal services. Though in the end, I'm just really glad both finally arrived.

Additionally I splurged a bit on two books I had my eye on for a little while now. I'm a huge fan of Disney World and simply couldn't resist. Say hello to The Hidden Magic Of Walt Disney World (Susan Veness) and The Complete Walt Disney World 2011 (Julie and Mike Neal). Really looking forward to sticking my nose in these two. I'd say, only visiting Disney World is better!

Once again, thanks to The Story Siren for hosting the IMM meme!


  1. Some good books, I think, Birgit! I've been waiting for some books for ages too (not Booksneeze), I've never have books gone missing but some take a very long time to arrive. I'm now waiting for 8 or 9 different packages so hopefully I have a big In My Mailbox soon, too.

  2. If it weren't for a list I'd probably loose count of books I am still waiting for. Let's see ... still waiting for five packages to arrive.